In Deep Water

  oresome 01 Aug 12

Boris has invited Rupert Murdoch to the swimming finals on Friday, while most politicians have distanced themselves from the Murdochs and their media empire of late.

But Boris is keen on becoming PM and Murdoch will give him his backing.

It seems that what goes round comes round, but it usually takes a while longer to rotate.

  Aitchbee 01 Aug 12

Maybe they'll be watchin' the "Australian Crawl" final.

  Quickbeam 01 Aug 12

I would think that Boris's high profile during these games has as good as gotten him the position of PM when it becomes available.

  Quickbeam 01 Aug 12

...but like the Olympic gold rush, you can't rely on the chicken hatching in time.

  morddwyd 01 Aug 12

Could it be he's just doing his job, promoting London to senior potential investors?

  Bing.alau 01 Aug 12

No use commenting any further on this thread, as our resident expert has said it all again.

  namtas 01 Aug 12


But in all fairness he is probably not far out in his reasoning.

  Condom 01 Aug 12


I assume everybody will be booing Bradley Wiggins today, then.

The only thing one can assume from the above statement is that the Venus shuttle is back up and running again.

  john bunyan 01 Aug 12

Venus shuttle But what is connection?

  carver 01 Aug 12

I think I would prefer to have Murdoch as an ally even after everything that has happened than treat him as an enemy, and apart from that poor old Boris has this to put up with enter link description here

  Condom 01 Aug 12

What I meant in a funny way by my reference to the Venus shuttle was that someone was from another planet.


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