A dedication to fourm member

  jakimo 12:04 05 Apr 10
  jakimo 12:10 05 Apr 10

I hasten to add,..the performers are not classically trained

  Cymro. 12:11 05 Apr 10

I liked it very much.
"many a true word" as they say

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:44 05 Apr 10

Made me smile :0)

  Cymro. 12:49 05 Apr 10

I view of the fact that we have a general election coming up who do we want to run the country for us then?
Private Eye or The daily Mail? Assuming there is no other choice and very much tongue in cheek that is.

  sunnystaines 16:26 05 Apr 10

liked the clip, also like the daily mail too

  jakimo 16:45 05 Apr 10

I don't have any issues with the mail... I just thought as its driving him to distraction I might cheer up... "you know who"... with a little light humour, if thats at all possible.

  Monoux 16:49 05 Apr 10

"you know who".. Voldemort ?

  Monoux 16:59 05 Apr 10

Midgetninja -- Hear Hear - I think they think it makes them look superior.

  sunnystaines 17:06 05 Apr 10

no problems with bias towards newspapers read them all on the net, pick and choose which stories i read on each site.

I know some may not like some papers as they are more intellect and news based or may dislike others as they contain little news and are full of soap and celeb news with the occasional girlie picture.

each to their own.

  Bingalau 17:24 05 Apr 10

I have never read anybody on here praising the Daily Mail, but I find it is as good as any other of the daily blurbs... The Daily Mail certainly seems to get more of a slating on here than other paper. Why, I don't know.

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