December Cover Disk - beware of XPTheme

  Sethhaniel 15:54 16 Oct 06

installed it - decided it was not for me - but on uninstall 'Watchdog' picked up it was trying to load a hidden file onto my PC -

so be wary ;)

  SB23 18:51 16 Oct 06

I'd be very surprised if the cover disc had a nasty hidden in it.
Have you thought that its probably a false positive?

  Forum Editor 19:07 16 Oct 06

a false positive, as SB23 says.

  RickyC :-) 19:18 16 Oct 06


I certainly didn't encounter any problems (or any notification of a possibly dangerous file) when testing the software. It's a fairly widely-used application for applying different styles to the Windows GUI and it would not have been included on the disc had there been any concerns over the installation.

The following is taken from the installation guidelines on the StyleXP website:

Please note that Style XP does install two services (StyleXPService and StyleXPHelper). These two services can be auto-unloaded when they start so that Style XP consumes no memory. Style XP will not touch any system files. Style XP will not collect any information or transmit any information to anyone. Style XP contains no "ads" or any other "hidden" software.

If you agree to the EULA, Style XP will always install software in the same place: the same drive as Windows® XP is installed in the C:\Program Files\TGTSoft\StyleXP directory. Temporary files are also stored in this directory.

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  Forum Editor 19:22 16 Oct 06

it seems pretty certain that Watchdog was too quick off the mark.

  SB23 20:10 16 Oct 06

I'll still be waiting for Tesco's to put the December issue on sale on 19th Oct,lol.


  Sethhaniel 08:13 17 Oct 06

I may try it again and get the exact name of the file - but it had the " /hide " switched on ;(

  skeletal 09:47 17 Oct 06

There is a real problem with any kind of software that is trying to figure out if another piece of software is malware, if email messages are spam etc etc. For example, the latest version of SpyWare Doctor keeps telling me that the PCA site (plus other “friendly sites”) is downloading dodgy cookies.

Thinking about this, I reckon I get dozens of false positives (from all sorts of software) to one real one.

And I get spam by the bucket load that spamware filters miss completely.

Nothing’s perfect!


  Sethhaniel 08:36 18 Oct 06

'StyleXP.exe -hide' tries to go into start up
but Watchdog warns that it is trying to do it

trouble was in the first instance it wasn't detected as doing that until I went to uninstall it


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