Dear dear dear

  wiz-king 05 Jul 13

BBC to drop 3D.

  Chronos the 2nd 05 Jul 13

More cash wasted by the BeeB?

  wiz-king 05 Jul 13

I wont treat my self to a new telly then - wondered why there haven't been many adverts on the various channels.

  Joseph Kerr 05 Jul 13

And money wasted by anyone who ever wasted money on the latest wave of this silly fad. Good riddance to it!

  Chronos the 2nd 05 Jul 13

I don't think it is fair to call it a fad. It is just that the technology is not there yet. I think the biggest bugbear is the wearing of glasses to view it and then only from the correct angle. So until that is sorted then I cannot see a large take up except from those who jump in as soon as anything new comes out without giving much thought to the product.

I used to do that with my PC games but since the money men have move in and games are now put on the market unfinished then I have learnt to curb my gaming lust till all the patches are out and the community has discovered all the tweaks.

I get a better game and invariably cheaper.

  Joseph Kerr 05 Jul 13

This is the third or fourth wave of this fad. "The technology is not there yet" has, so far, supposedly applied to all of them.

Anyway, my eyes are out of whack in such a way that I can't see this effect they like to call 3D, so my opinion is irrelevant anyway ;)

  spuds 05 Jul 13

And there was me thinking about having a television change or upgrade to 3D (I fancy the Blues Brothers glasses). Looks like a 'back to the drawing board' verdict, until further news reports?.

Or am I missing something here?.

  fourm member 05 Jul 13
  1. The pips
    1. The Type A microphone
    2. The Radiophonic Workshop
    3. Worldwide ive satellite link-ups
    4. The first full colour TV service in Europe
    5. CEEFAX
    6. The BBC Micro
    7. DAB
    8. iPlayer

All innovations that the BBC either led or played a major role in. So 3D hasn't taken off but you can't complain that it was a waste of money unless you're willing to do without all the innovations that have succeeded.

This was a 2 year trial. 'Trial' is the important word.


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