Dead pond fish

  Quickbeam 19:40 08 Jun 09

I've just had a call from my sister in Cheshire to tell me that out of 30ish pond fish, only 4 are left alive, and they look like they'll be gone by the morning.

Does anyone know what can cause this kind of plague? Apparently they were perfectly healthy looking last week and the only sign of anything being wrong was signs of lethargy in the last few days with cloudy eyes.

  caccy 19:51 08 Jun 09

Has there been any insecticide or hebicide spraying close by that could have got into the pond?

  caccy 19:52 08 Jun 09

poor speller should read "herbicide"

  Quickbeam 20:04 08 Jun 09

Apparently nothing of that nature is the cause. But two wild guesses that I thought of was, I know my brother in law replaced the pump recently and as a new hose to the top of the fall he used a 2 metre length of 1" car type hosing (it was new & unused), I wondered if it was possible that it might give off a slow emission of the chemicals used in it's manufacture. And I know he sealed a leak at surface level with a silicone sealant, might that be toxic until it cures. Both of these things were done over 3 months ago though.

  Devil Fish 20:08 08 Jun 09

without knowing what has been done or not been done i can only offer suggestions so if you have covered any of these apologies in advance

as caccy has mentioned weed killers pesticides used by neighbours could have inadvertently contaminated the water

Algy build up generally green is good brown is bad

nitrate levels in the water to high does your sister have live plant in the pond this helps to counter act nitrate

overcrowding pond size number and size of fish overcrowding can massivly increase nitrate level

over feeding probably the biggest killer of the lot

  Devil Fish 20:14 08 Jun 09

sorry Quickbeam typing when you replied

was the silicon aquatic certified

if it was general that may have caused the problem

  Quickbeam 20:19 08 Jun 09

I'm told that greenfly spray was used on roses nearby, but a month or more ago.

It's well filtered and had a spring clean 3 months ago.

It's large enough to support 30 fish with ease and not crowded.

And I wouldn't say over feeding was the problem as most of the fish were originally in my smaller pond and got fed more than they do now. I've only ever bought fish that are a couple of inches in length, and then passed them on when they get too big for my pond. Which is why I'm as concerned as my sister, I bought the oldest Koi as tiddlers about 12 years ago 10 for £20, some of them got to 15" long until this.

  Quickbeam 20:21 08 Jun 09

"was the silicon aquatic certified"

No he's a builder, he would have used builders mastic, because that's what's in the van.

  Quickbeam 20:26 08 Jun 09

I'm told the silicon sealant was the bathroom type, but it's been used before in previous years.

Could the heatwave have triggered some kind of fungal infection as that's when they feel the problem started.

  Quickbeam 20:45 08 Jun 09

No Euphorbia there.

I had to Google that to see what it was, so I can't be too lazy for Kevscar.

  Quickbeam 21:15 08 Jun 09

I've sent her this link click here without seeing them for myself I can only guess that one of these infections that kill quickly has attacked them.

It's quite an informative site that link.

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