Data loss firm loses contract

  peter99co 21:19 10 Sep 08

Serves them right!

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  wee eddie 22:06 10 Sep 08

Not only are they loosing the Contract, but they are not being paid Compensation.

Unlike EdExcel who managed to make a complete Horlicks of the SATs Results and then got a multi Million Payoff

  Stuartli 22:56 10 Sep 08

Seems to be developing into a data-day event this year...:-)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:12 10 Sep 08

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".. PA has a comprehensive system of security procedures and practices in place in order to protect, in addition to government information, sensitive information from commercial clients."

Well, I'm certainly glad to hear it. Heaven only knows what might happen if they were lax in any way with their security.


  ronalddonald 23:39 12 Sep 08

right they should lose all their contracts. May be htey need a crash course on data security.

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