Daring, Dauntless, Diamond and Dragon

  Seth Haniel 08:18 28 Jan 09

click here

Navy's new bit of kit..

  interzone55 08:40 28 Jan 09

Very impressive, but not sure about the names. I see that Duncan has been left 'til last, perhaps hoping that it could slip out un-noticed...

  IClaudio 14:03 28 Jan 09

The newsreader on LBC's 2 0'clock news just called it HMS Darling :)

  Clapton is God 14:50 28 Jan 09

Well done, you just made the first mistake.

Ships are 'she' or 'her' NEVER 'it'.

  Cymro. 14:55 28 Jan 09

So how much did this lot cost us then?
And I thought that the days of Britannia Ruled The Waves had long since gone!

  interzone55 15:02 28 Jan 09

I imagine these ships will be used in the Indian ocean for use against pirates, and in the caribean against drug runners.

The Royal Navy does much more than fight wars...

  Clapton is God 15:05 28 Jan 09

If you're concerned about the cost of these new ships are you also concerned about the cost in financial terms (and personnel being lost) of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

  Cymro. 15:05 28 Jan 09

Pirates and drug dealers you say, well they don`t seem to be having much success at it, the RN that is!

  Cymro. 15:07 28 Jan 09

If I had my way the troops would never be in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place.

  Woolwell 15:20 28 Jan 09

As for the names - it is a pity that they didn't use the same names as the previous Daring Class - Daring, Dainty, Decoy, Defender, Delight, Diamond, Duchess, Diana. Previously Duncan was a Type 14 Frigate, Dragon a Cruiser and Dauntless was the WRNS training establishment. I served in the previous Daring which required nearly twice the number of men (men only in those days) to run it and was nowhere near as capable.

  TopCat® 15:35 28 Jan 09

I heard a radio commentator this morning mention a sum of a billion pounds. Wasn't sure then if this was for one or all six of them but this click here does mention it pays for just one.

Expect costs to rise a little more when the main gun is upgraded and probable other mods done after sea tests and trials. Could get something back later on if they sell off the ageing Type 42s. Problem is who will be able to find the money to buy them these days? TC.

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