Damned adverts

  ventanas 16:12 08 Dec 09

I was just in the process of responding to a thread with quite a lengthy answer which took me quite a while and involved some research.
I was about to publish when one of these damn things popped up under the mouse and responded to my click. On paging back to my response everything I had typed in had gone.
This is absolutely infuriating. It's bad enough having to dodge the things all the time, and I know they are necessary, but come on PCA, this is the last straw. I now have to do it all again, this time in a foul temper.
Why did all my text have to disappear?

  Seth Haniel 16:18 08 Dec 09

as it gives my surfing habits away with noisey adverts popping up on the works pc ;(

  mrwoowoo 16:55 08 Dec 09

Don't have a problem with the Blackberry type adverts on the main page that you just click out of. But yes, these 'within text' ones can be annoying.
Sometimes if i want to copy and paste a comment it's almost immposible as the text is littered with them.
Perhaps we should all ponder what we type first.
I bet the word Blackberry produces one.
Ooops.. i did it again.(O:!

  rawprawn 18:00 08 Dec 09

Hi John, I hope you have a great Christmas. Try loading IE pro click here
use the ad blocker and also use host file click here

  Forum Editor 18:33 08 Dec 09

to post when in "a foul temper". I certainly feel more like replying to an email than I do to bad-tempered threads about something that has been discussed at great length recently.

I'm sorry you are infuriated, but there's not much I can say, apart from suggesting that you do what many people do, and type up lengthy posts in a word processor before pasting into the forum. That way you won't lose anything, whatever happens.

  ventanas 22:20 08 Dec 09

Exactly what I did the second time.
Sorry for the rant, it had been a bad day.

Hi Dennis, thanks for that, I'll have a look tomorrow.

  Forum Editor 22:40 08 Dec 09

No problem, better out than in, as they say, and I know that 'bad day' syndrome very well.

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