Daily smile...

  Quickbeam 08:58 19 May 08

click here

Yesterday's was better, it was 'Indiana Brown and the Crystal Numskull', but they don't put every cartoon online... I fell of my chair with yesterday's:)

  tullie 10:26 19 May 08

Now i know what im missing,not being an Express reader.

  Weskit 10:44 19 May 08

Looked at several, must be getting old, didn't make me smile...

  Totally-braindead 11:27 19 May 08

I'm afraid it does little for me too. Sorry looked back a few days too and none of them did much for me, not so much as a snigger or even a slight smile.

  Quickbeam 12:46 19 May 08

is very personal, but do look beyond the papers title...

  dagbladet 14:33 19 May 08

"Humour of course is very personal"

Quite. I managed to remain chair-bound throughout the Express offerings. On the other hand, I find the current crop of satirical American comedy cartoons (Family Guy, American Dad) hilarious, whilst everybody I've spoken to reckons they're mindless drivel.

  Coffee Adict 14:59 19 May 08

dagbladet- you are not alone I like them too, not laugh out loud hilarious but funny, and do prove the Americans can take a dig at themselves.

  do-gull 15:51 19 May 08



  Quickbeam 15:56 19 May 08

It's not compulsory... but I do detect the old newspaper snobbery chestnut here... click here for more 'upmarket' political cartoons;)

  laurie53 20:38 19 May 08

Oh, Giles, we still miss you.

  Forum Editor 23:15 19 May 08

but not one of the cartoons brought a smile to my lips - they struck me as being pretty pedestrian, to be honest.

Giles? Ah, now you're talking.

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