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  jimv7 18:37 21 Aug 09

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Mothing can go faster than the speed of light.

To say a galaxy is traveling faster, is an illusion, due to the observer who is traveling in the opposite direction within his/her own galaxy, therefore the observed combined speed can appear greater than light speed.

"Thus, although it's impossible to move through space (locally) faster than the speed of light, and it's impossible for anyone within the universe to send off a piece of "information" faster than the speed of light, it is still possible for the distances between faraway galaxies to increase faster than the speed of light, due to the rate at which the space between them is stretching. This faster than light "travel" doesn't have any effect on the material that makes up the galaxies (for example, their energy does not become infinite in any meaningful sense), since they aren't really moving with respect to each other in any way that they can measure directly."

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  dagnammit 19:02 21 Aug 09

*blushes* I thought we established is was all relative in the last thread. From our perspective they are indeed travelling FTL because we see ourselves as stationary. From my POV i'm sitting still posting this message from a phone to an observer some in space i'm spinning round and travelling thousands of miles per hour. My own link in the last thread also said something similar.

  dagnammit 19:04 21 Aug 09

of punctuation.

  jimv7 19:10 21 Aug 09

My apologies for naming you, blushes withstanding, its only when you dig deeper that the 'known facts emerge'(at this time) instead of some sites skimming over it.

  Forum Editor 19:12 21 Aug 09

It makes the thread rather meaningless for other people, and can be irritating - your title conveys nothing whatever about the subject. Your post should really have been made in the original thread.

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