The Curse of the PC

  tommy vercetti 16:10 16 Aug 05

I am refering to spyware, malware, virus etc. Its definately getting worse in my (limited) experience.

What is the motive for the people who write this destructive software that causes misery all over the world?

Is it commercial?

Is it ego?

  bosmere 16:18 16 Aug 05

Spyware is sometimes commercial and harmless - the rest I suspect are created by nonentities who feel a sense of power when creating havoc.

  Aspman 16:40 16 Aug 05

Viruses - written for 'fun'
Spyware/Trojans - written for profit.

Spyware is big business and a lot of it is legitimate in a slimey way.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:27 16 Aug 05

Spyware is not really a problem. If you have an up to date AV and MS Antispy coupled witha little knowledge you will have no need to even think about it. People's belief that things are apparently worse is increasing. There is a lot of nonsense talked about viruses and trojans. Read click here apply and then forget about all the 'nasties'.


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