Curry 'Cure' for Dementia

  Barnacarry 11:29 05 Jun 09

It is claimed that eating two or three curries a week could lower the risk of Dementia. click here
Now this is the way Medical Science should be heading - Red Wine reduces cancer, Curry reduces risk of Dementia. Now I think that they should seriously look what Sticky Toffee Pudding can 'cure'

  sunnystaines 11:36 05 Jun 09

perhaps if fed to MP's they would remember they they have paid of their mortgages when they come to submit their expences.

  Picklefactory 11:38 05 Jun 09

Now where did I put that menu????

DOH! Too late for me I think :o(

  bjh 11:41 05 Jun 09

Woohoo!.... Now where did I put that menu????

Evidently so :-))

  donki 11:45 05 Jun 09

Sounds good, pity about the onion badjis, pints of larger, nanns, rice etc I would have with mine lol!! I probably get heart disease before Dementia :(.

Think the key is portion size and everything in modoration, which us westerners havent managed. If its on your plate u have to finish it.

  Clapton is God 12:08 05 Jun 09

"If its on your plate u have to finish it"


I don't overload the plate in the first place.

  Barnacarry 12:29 05 Jun 09

"If its on your plate u have to finish it"
Been there, Can't do it.
I don't have the capacity to finish it because I have no willpower not to over order in the first place.
The smell, the ambiance, the greed...., and now that I know it's good for me....well!

  Barnacarry 12:45 05 Jun 09

I've just seen this. click here - LONG working hours could increase the risk of dementia later in life. So anyone over the age of 55, working long hours, should be eating lots of curry (It's good for the bowels as well, which is a good thing?)

  Quickbeam 14:18 05 Jun 09

That will explain why so many braindeads end up in curry houses at the weekend then... Curry therapy;)

  donki 15:20 05 Jun 09

Very true but sometimes my eyes and my appitite is much larger than my stomach. Its harder to when your paying for a meal out and you feel, well i do anyway, I must eat it all.

  donki 15:23 05 Jun 09

Ever so true if you cant make up your mind what to eat.... order both :).

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