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  Curio 14:17 11 Apr 06

I use Skype - but not a lot. I think it is great. Cannot use 1st Option. I do not think it is overrated. I cannot use 2nd Option. Therefore, no vote. Pity there is no Option for the occasional user who is happy with Skype.

  Totally-braindead 15:30 11 Apr 06

We've had this disagreement before about various polls. Basically you can't keep everyone happy as you may end up having a dozen or so answers. You either tick the box thats closest to you or ignore the poll totally.

  Curio 19:19 11 Apr 06

Have read some of the threads you mention. In this case, I felt an Option for average use between Great and overrated was a valid one.

  Snec 21:08 11 Apr 06

Normally I would have agreed with Totally-braindead about this type of post regarding polls.

However I do believe Curio is correct in this case.

The gap between the first two choices is huge.

If "Is great" had not been followed with "I use it a lot" on the first choice then the gap would have been much smaller.

  Forum Editor 23:23 11 Apr 06

anyone would think we're running a poll to decide the future of the planet.

It's just an informal snapshot of forum opinion; if you don't like my choice of words feel free to pass by on the other side. I probably came up with the options in a little bit of a hurry, and if I didn't quite get it right enough for some of you I apologise. As a fellow pedant I can understand how my options must sound a jarring note to occasional, yet happy users of Skype.

  wolfie3000 00:45 12 Apr 06


What happens to the results from the polls?

Are they used by companies so they can improve there software in the case of Skype?

  Forum Editor 01:09 12 Apr 06

No, we don't pass the results to anyone. We don't set out to run scientifically-conducted polls of the kind that are used during election campaigns. Ours are simply intended to provide us with information for use in future magazine articles, and we've never pretended that they're the definitive answer.

  wolfie3000 00:15 14 Apr 06

thanks for clearing that up FE i was just curious.

are there gonna be any game polls? ;)

  Forum Editor 10:24 14 Apr 06

There might be - if something newsworthy comes along that is of interest to a large enough section of our readership.

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