Crop Circles "whats your oppinion?"

  Autoschediastic 29 Dec 11

Hello everyone hope christmas went well for you all?

I have just watched a documentary called "crop circles crossover from another dimension" i found it very intresting that so many people feel strong it cannot possibly be man made turning the blame to an unknown source maybe Alien, ive seen some of the circles and they are in a nutshell out of this world (Sorry for the pun) ive never seen anything like it they are almost perfect in shape and proportion & IF you should ever get the chance to see one try all you can as they are mind boggling on IF,When,Where,why & Who?

i very much doubt they are made by wind the detail would be impossible to make, has anyone else seen one in real life i dont mean on the tv?


Picture here

  Lazarus The 2nd 29 Dec 11

Man made, Click here and Click here

  Autoschediastic 29 Dec 11

"Lazarus The 2nd"

Intresting link! on the documentry it was made by a dutch producer i think who is well known, he has a whole variation of people including a local light aircraft rental company director in it, he & another person stated that they flew over the fields and 20 mins later flew back and there was a large crop circle which couldnt be made in that time unless a large volume of people was involved in it?

  Autoschediastic 29 Dec 11

Just to add they are made in snow/ice wheat Ect so how do they hide the tracks into the fields & snow? i mean how would you get by leaving tracks in snow? whilst they are building them how come no one walking there dogs or a aircraft/farmer hasnt ever caught them? these are the things that amaze me?

  lotvic 29 Dec 11

It's a conspiracy ;)

  rdave13 29 Dec 11

Alien forces no doubt about it. Must be working for Keith.

  daz60 29 Dec 11

So Von Daniken and supporters were right.?

Aliens travel across the universe just to use Earth as a canvas for their artistry.!?


Being dying,not literally,to use that word for years.

  Mr Mistoffelees 29 Dec 11

Anyone who seriously believes they are not man-made is away with the fairies.

  Quickbeam 29 Dec 11

They're just a bit of harmless fun.

  interzone55 29 Dec 11

They're man made - I don't have any documentary evidence beyond my own eyes watching a couple of farmers leave a field armed with planks, stakes, ropes and a garmin GPS.

Any financial loss from damaged crops is far outstripped by cafe & farmshop sales to gullible tourists

  morddwyd 29 Dec 11

They;re a brilliant idea for provoking debate, just like this one!


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