Crime Prevention

  Pine Man 19 Feb 13

Thought I heard someone in my bathroom last night. Just in case it was a burglar I shot a few bullets through the door ;-)

  Bing.alau 19 Feb 13

It seems he didn't have his legs on. I think he must change heads too and he had his cabbage head on that night.

I don't know about anybody else but I would have had a tentative question through the door. "Is that you in there darling?" But it seems in South Africa you shoot first and ask questions afterwards, a bit like the old wild west.

Is it Mr Pistorious we are talking about? Maybe we are also jumping the gun?

  wee eddie 19 Feb 13

I assume that CSI-SA will be hard at work with their coloured sticks, trying to work out the angle from which the shots came.

After-all he claims to have been legless at the time!

  Quickbeam 19 Feb 13

He should ask OJ Simpson for his lawer's number.

  Forum Editor 19 Feb 13

OK, let's remember that a young woman was murdered in this incident, and jokey remarks are in extremely bad taste. If I see any more I'll simply delete them.

Talk about the factual side of the trial by all means, but cut out the schoolboy humour please.

  wee eddie 20 Feb 13

One assumes that, without his blades, he would be considerably shorter than with them, and therefor the shots would go through the door at a different angle.

On the other hand, if I were planning to do away with someone, I don't think that shooting them through a door would be the most obvious way of guaranteeing success.

  Quickbeam 20 Feb 13

His defence argument does seem somewhat far fetched.

Speaking of his defence, I don't think much of the South African legal system that allows massive wild speculations from the police before a formal trial.

From what I've heard so far, I would think that the judiciary have already decided that he's guilty as charged with what seems to pass as a magistrates referral hearing being the full trial.

  wiz-king 20 Feb 13

Unfortunately white Saffers are paranoid about crime - rightly so - and take self protection to extreme limits.

  Forum Editor 20 Feb 13

wee eddie

"...if I were planning to do away with someone, I don't think that shooting them through a door would be the most obvious way of guaranteeing success."

I think that the prosecution case is going to be that the couple had been arguing fiercely prior to the shooting, and that possibly Reeva ran into the bathroom to get away from Pistorius, locking the door to keep him out.

What I find hard to understand is Pistorius's claim that he thought he heard an intruder, got up, strapped on his prostheses, walked 23 feet to the bathroom, fired at least three rounds through a door, and only then realised that Reeva wasn't in the bed. If I woke suddenly in the night and heard a noise in the bathroom the first thing I would do, before going to investigate, would be to check to see if my wife was in the bed.

If I thought an intruder was inside a locked bathroom I would call the Police, I wouldn't blaze away at the door with a handgun, even if I did have one handy.

Then there's the matter of the cricket bat with traces of Reeva's blood on it.

Then there's the matter of the witness who said the couple were heard arguing for at least an hour before the shooting.

No doubt all this will be examined at the trial in a few months time. The prosecution is obviously intent on contesting a bail application because Police fear that Pistorious will flee the country and attempt to avoid extradition.

  spuds 20 Feb 13

No doubt there will now be further discussions about gun control and self protection where crime is reaching an already high?.

  Forum Editor 20 Feb 13


"I don't think much of the South African legal system that allows massive wild speculations from the police before a formal trial."

The current proceedings are to consider an application for bail, and the Police are opposing it. They have to offer the Magistrate clear and convincing arguments that he should not grant bail. It happens here, in just the same way. The charge in this case is one of premeditated murder, which must mean that the Police think they have some strong evidence of that.

The South African legal system is very similar to that of the United States. There's a presumption of innocence, and the right to a trial by jury, with legal aid if the defendant can't afford representation. Bail is automatically granted, unless the prosecution can demonstrate a threat to public or personal safety, or can convince the Magistrate that the accused is likely to attempt flight.


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