Crayfish poo

  dagnammit 00:19 25 Aug 09

Just watched Come Dine With Me and the host said Crayfish poo is a delicacy and then she ate a big lump.


Is it?

  Forum Editor 00:56 25 Aug 09

it isn't.

  ened 06:48 25 Aug 09

I watched that.

Putting aside the poo aspect it looks like it is going to be an explosive week.

Don't you sometimes sit there and cringe?

  jack 07:56 25 Aug 09

I don't cringe, because I pass foody, in the 'house' & talent programs by- got better things to do such us thinking up thee wishes for PCA Forums or even read a good 'Who Dun It';-}

  WhiteTruckMan 09:31 25 Aug 09

will eat any old crap :)


  dagbladet 09:39 25 Aug 09


If you like those things then fine. To suggest though that they are "better things to do" would infer that what other posters enjoy is of lesser significance or indeed is beneath you. It appears a little pompous.

  dagnammit 10:03 25 Aug 09

Yeah it does look like an interesting week. :)

  dagnammit 10:11 25 Aug 09

No one else tried Crayfish poo then? lol

  Picklefactory 10:15 25 Aug 09

I can see this drifting into a 'what's the wierdist thing you've eaten' thread.

Daffodils, probably, for me.

  Quickbeam 12:00 25 Aug 09


  Picklefactory 15:24 25 Aug 09

Yuk! Daffodils are much tastier.

Hmmm, I think too much of my misspent youth is surfacing here. Time to shut up.

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