Cranky old Windoze - A comment- Not Help

  jack 10:42 12 Sep 10

I have a number of 'bare' hard drives that I use to store stuff on.
These I connect to the machine via an IDE/USB cable on an 'As and When' basis.
If such a drive has not been used for a while[a week say] Windows will want to 'Install New Hardware'
Then it will tell me the software does not have the Approval do I want to Continue.?
Strange thing is - no software has been installed - The drive is connected simply direct and Windows is left to sort it self out.
So I guess this proves the M/S really does not know what it is doing most of the time.

  Forum Editor 10:49 12 Sep 10

and that's what causes 'Cranky old Windoze' to trigger the message.

  jack 10:58 12 Sep 10

Left over from a previous life Huh!
But invisible?

  Forum Editor 11:14 12 Sep 10

Not left over from anything - it's put there by the manufacturer. Your computer's BIOS looks at it for instructions about what to do next.

  jack 17:32 12 Sep 10

Oh that, didn't realize Windose 'thinks' is something alien each time

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