Couldnt of come at a worse time for me!

  Uboat 15:35 20 Apr 10

Ive had a major infection in one of my testicles & we are all adults & its not been crude so i dont mind letting you all know this, My doc yesterday said that "It has burst" & im not sure if he was refering too my testicle or the cist.? anyway i dont want to get crude but ive been in agony with this for about 6 days now & i'm taking so much medication, looking at the news today this couldnt of come at a worse time for me too see lol
Lucky for me its my left one thats got the issue!

click here

  Uboat 16:02 20 Apr 10

OMG! loool

  Cymro. 16:02 20 Apr 10

click here

Perhaps you should consider yourself lucky.

  Uboat 16:23 20 Apr 10

Cymro! "It was ripped off when her husband tried to pull him off her. " Nooooooooo

  Cymro. 16:28 20 Apr 10

Its amassing the things some people get up to behind closed doors. Perhaps I have lived too sheltered a life.

  jack 16:54 20 Apr 10

Two each of lungs,kidney, testes, ovaries
and can function perfectly well on only one.
So if the worst comes to 'worser'
Have it off
It wont stop you er... having it off, so to speak

  BT 17:09 20 Apr 10

So why is it we only have one of each of the bits we can't manage without - heart, liver etc.?

  sunnystaines 17:30 20 Apr 10

you should have been an octupus they have three hearts but they are of no use in helping it live longer as an octupus does not live very long.

  jack 17:44 20 Apr 10

Some organs are self repairing - Liver for example will re-generate.
Transplants are carried out with part livers for example both doner and patient making up in time.
That is not to say the certain diseases will destroy an organ - cancer,sclerosis.

  Uboat 17:49 20 Apr 10

Funny thing is guys! i DONT smoke,i drink once a week (6 cans carsberg), dont do any kinda drugs. im scott free from abuse & yet doc said it was passed "Down there!" via my blood.??

  Forum Editor 19:04 20 Apr 10

I'll only delete it.

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