Could this be the next ebay or Amazon ?

  Dragon_Heart 15 Oct 13

Welcome to Fiverr The world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5

Need a cartoon of yourself or a 30 second animated ad then try this site.

What a great idea for a site !

Saw it on the side bar in 'around the web'

  wiz-king 15 Oct 13


  Dragon_Heart 16 Oct 13

Thank you for your detailed and informative reply Wiz -

It's good to know we have so may bright minds on this forum :-)

  bumpkin 16 Oct 13

"What a great idea for a site !"

Sorry to disagree but I think it is a load of crap.

  bumpkin 16 Oct 13

Could this be the next ebay or Amazon ?

You must be be pulling my plonker.

  Dragon_Heart 17 Oct 13

" You must be be pulling my plonker " I am not THAT sort of person !

"Sorry to disagree but I think it is a load of crap" Why ? You are offered thousands of services / skills all starting from $5 ! I know many forum geeks who would love their own personalised Avator for example.

I take it you are NOT the former owner of Virgin Records ?

  bumpkin 17 Oct 13


Is it something to do with Richard Branson? Probably be a success then judging from his track record. I had a closer look at it as a matter of interest. I can't really see it as serious competition for Ebay or Amazon but it clearly appeals to some.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17 Oct 13

"Pass" the dutchie on the left-hand side.

  bumpkin 17 Oct 13

And the Port.

  iscanut2 17 Oct 13

Prove us wrong in 10 years time !

  Dragon_Heart 17 Oct 13

As a fully paid up member of The Monster Raving Looney Party I find it just a little sad people who were rejected by the party for membership have appeared to have lost their way and found themselves on this forum.

Sad, very sad !


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