cornwall batten down your hatches

as just an observation
cornwall is the last haven in the uk..not long before it becomes like the rest of the u.k..get your own Parliament disband from the rest of the uk before its too late..i live in cornwall as an emmit and they/you dont see it coming.. do as wales has and scotland did and then you can make laws that are necsasary to you
bugger the rest of em :)
kind regards akanic

  Jak_1 22:51 18 Oct 07

Just dig a trench extending the Tamar to the north coast and float Cornwall off into the atlantic :)

  Brumas 22:54 18 Oct 07

Wouldn't that be scilly?

that will do for me m8 :) regards akanic

  Jak_1 22:59 18 Oct 07

And fire stale oggies at the Cornish :)

if you look bigger than out side you front door though you will see it..its Either cornwall gets its own Parliament or i'm emigrating :)

just take a look at the state of the uk..need i say more..its no wonder more and more people are living abroad

not before ive had a chew on em lovely,
me ansome

anybody with a serious view though ???

  Kev.Ifty 23:09 18 Oct 07

One thing you Anti-English should remember.

If you can earn the millions of pounds that your community needs to support itself, then go for Independence.

But don't forget that Britain is a rich Country because 90% of our wealth is generated in London.

If you don't need the pay out from London......Fill ya boots.

  anskyber 23:11 18 Oct 07

Take more water with the scrumpy.

Cornwall, lovely though it is, is not the last haven. In fact it's already much like the remainder of the south coast of England. Mebyon Kernow and other romantic and well meaning Cornish folk live in a quaint and pleasing la la land of Cornish independence.

I have a great love of Cornwall, after all I was born and educated there; but it is England, a special part certainly, but still England.

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