cooking chicken

  iqs 18:44 28 Mar 11


Just wondering what the best way is to cook chicken so its grease free?

  userious? 18:50 28 Mar 11

Do you get greasey chickens???

  Forum Editor 18:56 28 Mar 11

how to prepare the chicken so that it sits up on its wings and legs in the oven - slightly clear of the fat and juices in the roasting pan.

You don't want the meat to be totally grease free, or it will be too dry and tough.

  iqs 20:29 28 Mar 11

'Do you get greasey chickens???' mine are lol

Will have a word with my local butcher tomorrow,thanks all

  sunnystaines 20:53 28 Mar 11

on a spite is good

  OTT_B 21:06 28 Mar 11

I put it on a rack above the roasting pan and baste every 20 minutes. Almost all the fat goes into the pan and the chicken is still moist. Works a treat!

  Bingalau 22:08 28 Mar 11

I buy mine ready cooked and then just put it in the oven to burn a bit more... Fanny Craddock eat your heart out!!!

  Bingalau 22:12 28 Mar 11

Should have said ready cooked on the supermarket spit thing, stick it in the oven whilst still hot and burn the skin more as that's the best part... "Ducks" beneath table to avoid the health and safety wallahs. (Yes I know the skin is the part we are suposed to avoid, but hey if we avoided all the things we are supposed to life wouldn't be worth the proverbial carrot).

I wonder what duck skin is like? Must chicken under the table and find out.

  wee eddie 22:20 28 Mar 11

I assume that you are going to use a Baking tray which has sides of about an inch.

Roughly cut carrots, potatoes, parsnips and Onions into small (1") square bits and place them on the Baking tray, you can also add tomatoes if you wish, a sprinkling of sage and rosemary add a certain something too. Put the chicken on top of them and Roast away. Every now and again, lift the chicken and turn the Roots. Ideally, a deeper dish is better and if you cover the whole caboodle, with foil or a lid, it is known as cooking "á poelé"

  spuds 23:30 28 Mar 11

We use a rack in the cooking tray for chicken and all meats, then the fat runs into the tray. Use a few drops of the fat in a gravy mix.

If you are doing pork or beef, then save the fat for dripping.

  Chegs ®™ 03:10 29 Mar 11

I wish my partner would learn howto ROAST the chickens as she bungs it in the oven with it swimming in water and cooks it so long the flesh has fallen off the bones.I keep reminding her this is steaming a bird,not roasting it and it has no taste at all,its just white flesh so soft I can "strain" it through my teeth instead of chewing it.

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