Convert to Islam or face the sword

  john bunyan 13:19 19 Jul 14

ISIS in Mosul has told Christians they must convert to Islam or face the sword. See:


Obviously these are an extreme section of the Sunnis but no wonder when folk see British Muslims going there, and some being indoctrinated with such beliefs, people worry. The growing Muslim UK population must unite to crack down on this in the UK or risk a backlash from our own extremists.

  wee eddie 14:52 19 Jul 14

Most of my Muslim acquaintances are horrified at this, but they are mostly in their 50's and 60's, not youngsters

  johndrew 15:11 19 Jul 14

Whilst I hear it repeated time after time that Islam is a peaceful religion there would appear to be those who from time immemorial have caused problems. For example the Iberian peninsular was overrun and held for several hundreds of years. Granted it would appear that the 'people of the book' (Christians and Jews) were permitted to keep their faiths - most of the time. However all that seems to be repeated these days is that the 'Crusaders' are continually attacking Islam.

This appears to be the cry of the ignorant and those who want some form of anchor to enforce their vision on all others. The ISIS cult is not only against Christians but also those belonging to the Shia sect of Islam. Further it would appear to be their objective of world domination.

The objective and actions of this group is not unlike others in recent history who it took a substantial effort to neutralise.

  bumpkin 16:04 19 Jul 14

Convert to Islam or face the sword

Fine by me, pull out your sword and face the AK47.

  spuds 17:21 19 Jul 14

"The growing Muslim UK population must unite to crack down on this in the UK or risk a backlash from our own extremists."

What extremists would this be, the BNP, EDL, UKIP or the group of people in the street being told that they are racists for thinking out loud?.

  john bunyan 18:09 19 Jul 14


What is the answer to your own question? I have been criticised here in the past for worrying about the rise of Muslim extremism in this county, eg the schools issue, the "Piper Rigby" episode, the fact that the tube bombers were all Pakistani origin. There is a huge problem of some (I know a minority) of young potential radicals , born here but determined to hate the country of their birth. I wish I had an answer.

  Forum Editor 18:43 19 Jul 14

john bunyan

"I have been criticised here in the past for worrying about the rise of Muslim extremism in this county"

Really? I can't think why. Anybody with a grain of commonsense can see that religious extremism of any kind is hardly going to be accepted by the majority. Muslim extremists represent a tiny minority of all muslims, but because they try to impose their beliefs by force they get a great deal of publicity.

In today's world extremism of this kind can never succeed - extremists fail to understand enough about human nature to realise that people want freedom and peace above all things. In the end religious tolerance is going to win over intolerance every time.

Expressing concern about religious extremism/terrorism isn't going to get you criticised, as long as you accept that only a very small minority of muslims are like that.

  john bunyan 20:39 19 Jul 14

Forum Editor

In 2011 there were 2.7 million Muslims in the UK. Just 1% is 27,000. It takes about 10 people to follow one person, and the MI5 watcher service is quite small. A tiny percentage of such a vast number can be very troublesome, as recent events have shown. The vast majority have settled down fine but in some places have swamped the indigenous population and keep their own culture - sometimes in what, to some, is in a far too obtrusive way. I used to work, 40 years ago, in Southall. On a recent visit it was unrecognisable and some old folk I met were quite disturbed by it all.

I still cannot think of an answer as to what to do with the British born Jihadists who are active in Syria and "IS" as ISIS calls the proposed Caliphate.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:08 19 Jul 14

Islam, just like Christianity and all the other major religions of the world, preaches peace and good will to others, not violence. The overwhelming majority of Muslims want a peaceful life, just like most other people. It is fundamentally wrong to label all Muslims because of the actions of a misguided, violent minority.

"The vast majority have settled down fine but in some places have swamped the indigenous population and keep their own culture"

Two points to make about that: Firstly, I don't suppose you have a problem with British migrants keeping their own culture when they choose to live abroad. Secondly, there is really no such thing as an indigenous British population. Britain, has been subject to invasion and immigration ever since we were cut-off from mainland Europe, to such an extent that there is no such thing as pure British people, we are German, Scandinavian, French, Italian and many others, without the recent migrants from the 20th century and this century.

  Woolwell 21:59 19 Jul 14

We in the West don't understand Islam. This is one view of Islam religion of peace but is anything but.

  Woolwell 22:39 19 Jul 14

It is very easy to get accused of Islamophobia. I have visited mosques and have had conversations with Muslims and fully accept that many of them are peaceful, welcoming and warm hearted however there is a minority that have become politically active, listen to extreme views and want to change the world so that it becomes Islamic. The position of non-Muslims in Muslim states is complicated. This Canada free press gives an American (Canadian) viewpoint. My understanding is that it is not extreme. Muslims should treat Christians as subordinates but not create fear. However extremists don't always take that viewpoint and point out the Crusades, our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as the West (Christian) being an enemy of Islam.

There is no easy answer to this problem which is becoming major.

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