Compulsory Guidelines

  pj123 17:14 18 Sep 07

My partner has just popped her head around the door and asked, "how do you have compulsory guidelines"?

  dth 17:28 18 Sep 07

you can't

a better way is what they call 'best practice' i.e.
if you don't do it this way you must be bad

  sunny staines 17:32 18 Sep 07

time to trade her in and get a better

  Forum Editor 18:10 18 Sep 07

Your partner is right to ask, because you can't make a guideline compulsory.

  DieSse 18:33 18 Sep 07

"how do you have compulsory guidelines"

Perhaps as in - "As a guideline I think we should visit my mother once a month"

Sounds compulsory to me ;-))

  Blackhat 18:37 18 Sep 07

Here are a few links to some examples of where compulsory guidelines have been mentioned.

click here

click here

click here

  Blackhat 18:43 18 Sep 07

'Your partner is right to ask, because you can't make a guideline compulsory.'

So the NHS, Police and Government like to issue compulsory guidelines???? Am I miss-reading something or is this a weird thing that has been going on for some time.

  Pine Man 19:21 18 Sep 07

Simple really. It is, or should be, compulsory for all police forces to have standard guidlines on the pursuing of vehicles.

  Forum Editor 19:25 18 Sep 07

Which is a different thing.

I think the right way of saying this is that it should be compulsory for a standard set of guidelines to be adopted and followed.

  laurie53 21:00 18 Sep 07

The Highway Code is an example of compulsory guidelines.

It is not enshrined in law but if you fail to comply it will be taken into account at any subsequent proceedings.

  Marko797 21:05 18 Sep 07

I think these just set out the operational parameters, which are compulsory. ie there is some flexibility, but don't go outside of these parameters. Certain organisations do use them such as the Highways Agency for example.

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