Communication Breakdown 2

  Chronos the 2nd 18 Dec 12

I sold a PC case on another forum and yesterday arranged for City Link to pick it up today. No sooner had I arranged this when I received a phone call offering me a hospital appointment which had become available because someone had cancelled. I have been waiting a fair bit for this so jumped at it.

Fair enough I thought I will phone City Link and put back the collection 24 hours, seemingly I could not do this yesterday as the order was not 'Live' but could I phone first thing this morning which I did and arranged for pick up tomorrow and I was also asked change the delivery label which they emailed to me.

Had my appointment got home just before 4pm and shortly after a knock at my door and it was the City Link driver to collect my package. I know the guy quite well and asked why he was here as I had changed the pick up to tomorrow just in case I was not going to be home today when he called and I did not want him wasting his time at what is a busy time for these guys.

Even though I had phoned early and he actually had not left the depot and all communication is handled via their had held devices still no one had bothered to inform him. Of course as it happens I was in, but this has happened before and a driver turned up the following day to collect the same item.

So we will see if I get another visit.

I have said this many many times we seem to have so many ways now of communicating with each other why is still so difficult?

  spuds 18 Dec 12

Perhaps its "still so difficult", due to human error and possibly laziness?.

Not sure if it was DHL or UPS, but I once sent a Kodak camera in for repair to Europe, and the courier company actually arrived and checked, packed and did the customs forms as part of the service. Made life very simple.


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