Common and annoying forum pests?

  Managing ed 14:21 13 May 09

Recognise anyone here? I did lobby hard for 'Helprooom Angel', but to no avail...

click here&

[Just for fun now]

Matt - managing editor

  crosstrainer 14:39 13 May 09

Bit's of them fit us all I think :))

  wolfie3000 14:43 13 May 09

Im surprised "To long didn't read guy" isn't on there,
He the sort of person that will post 500 words about the topic without reading any of the other posts,

Almost always repeats everything the other posters have posted and can be spotted a mile away.

Also "To long didn't read guy" arch enemy "Type out 1000 words in a post with no breaking the sentences into paragraphs guy"

One of my worst forum pet hates.

  wolfie3000 14:50 13 May 09

Dammit to late. lol

  Managing ed 15:12 13 May 09

"To long didn't read guy" is both a common and an annoying pest!

  tullie 15:31 13 May 09

My pet hate is people writing as if its a text message.And badd spelin off korse.

  oresome 15:32 13 May 09

Surely you guys mean "too long".

Damn it! Identified myself now.

  crosstrainer 16:14 13 May 09

"Fail to tick resloved man"?

This drives me nuts!

  WhiteTruckMan 16:18 13 May 09

the 'resloved' box, I always put a tick in it:)


  donki 16:28 13 May 09

I can pretty much put a name to everyone of them characters. Having said that I can also put my own name to a few too :).

  Grey Goo 16:37 13 May 09

"Flat Earth Person"
In Denial of just about everything thats going on around them.

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