Commewnt invites please on Beowulf

  jack 09:02 24 Jul 10

One of my flock[ not a patient so to speak this one]showed me his 'Beowulf' server cluster that he is building.
He very taciturn in general and more so when showing me his pride and joy- so I did not press for information more than he was letting on[ did'nt want to show my self up so to speak]
So why would any hobby comupterist - want one apart from the desire to turn the hobby's room into a spaceship control centre

  Kevscar1 13:08 24 Jul 10

Private game server

  wiz-king 13:19 24 Jul 10

Dunno! definition click here_(computing)

  wiz-king 13:22 24 Jul 10

link failed try this one click here

  jack 13:41 24 Jul 10

He is a more a science guy than a gamer - retired -pharmaceuticals-
Perhaps one day he will let on.

  morddwyd 19:55 24 Jul 10

He's a terrorist.

  Forum Editor 23:15 24 Jul 10

want to build a Beowulf cluster?

Because he can, I suppose. Such an arrangement would be of no real practical advantage to a home computer user, but then lots of hobbyists build things just for the satisfaction of knowing they've done it.

A Beowulf cluster isn't exactly a difficult thing to construct. Put simply it's just a cluster of ordinary machines connected together with Ethernet cable and used for parallel computing tasks.

  SimpleSimon1 12:20 25 Jul 10

That would be one heck of a game of Tetris!

  karmgord 14:50 25 Jul 10

Keeping ONE computer running gives me enough aggro!
:- )

  jack 16:42 25 Jul 10

I shall watch progress as the 3pice and telly get moved out to the patio as the lounge gets filled with grey/black boxes and screens and a cable mangrove

  jack 16:44 25 Jul 10

seemed a very calm lady as she sat doing her crossword.
How long will that last?

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