Comment on Gatick flight info

  SparkyJack 14:04 07 Oct 11

Being due to meet folk this afternoon incoming to Gatwick- I tuned to Teletext to check the flight arrival time - only to find Gatwick no longer make this information available to the BBC.

Why I wondered? A guess could be the BBC need paying and the new owner do not want to pay.

SO resort to the internet.

Google arrivals- Gatwick and up came a site with the flight listed.

However to proceed I had to navigate one of those two word puzzlements. No once but ten times, each time be presented with another.

So in frustration I closed that site off and clicked on the same site previously bookmarked.. A completely different presentation came to screen and entering the fight number etc., gave an instant response. Strange or what.

  barmybuckle 14:15 07 Oct 11

Why didn't you just go to Gatwicks official website?

  tullie 16:08 07 Oct 11


  Woolwell 16:53 07 Oct 11

I have relatives who regularly arrive at Gatwick and I use Gatwick. I go straight to this site Gatwick Flight Arrivals for flight arrivals (Gatwick's own site). No word puzzles as far as I am aware.

  Forum Editor 18:49 07 Oct 11

There is a very useful site that links you to arrivals and departures information for all the main UK airports.

  SparkyJack 19:51 07 Oct 11

This is the one that I selected- is it not the'Official site?

  SparkyJack 19:52 07 Oct 11

Thank you FE for that link = now bookmarked

  Woolwell 20:52 07 Oct 11

SparkyJack - that is the official site and is the same as the link that I gave. I don't understand why you had problems initially.

  birdface 21:21 07 Oct 11

Tried teletext for Heathrow a fortnight ago and there was nothing listed at all.

luton last week said the flight was running 30 minutes late and it arrived 30 minutes early.

I will try FE selection the next time. That will be This Tuesday at Birmingham just to see how I get on.


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