Coming Soon to a School Near You?

  fourm member 04 May 13

The Marathon for a Drug Free UK looks like just another way to try and teach young people about the potential harm psychoactive substances can cause.

During the run, the organisers plan to distribute booklets from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. If you are not familiar with that organisation you can find out more about them here.

It looks as though the run will pass through my district council's area so I'm about to contact my local councillor to ask him to confirm that none of the schools will be involved.

  Woolwell 04 May 13

Not sure about Scotland but in England it would be a County Councillor or Unitary authority councillor as District Councils are not responsible for education.

  john bunyan 04 May 13

If Scientology is behind this, I share your concern. Are there any Scientologists willing to "come out" here?

  interzone55 04 May 13

If you'd mentioned it was a Scientology group you'd have saved me clicking on the link and visiting their page. Now I have a scientology cookie on my PC and will have to throw it in the bin

  bumpkin 04 May 13

Bang on fm it is Scientology as it calls itself, bad news for anyone daft enough to get involved but the young are vulnerable.

  Aitchbee 04 May 13

The word / spelling / pronounciation of the word 'school' always leaves me somewhat ... uneasy.

  kad60 05 May 13

My Norton flags both links as Red so unless Tom Cruise makes an appearance may be it will not catch.

  Forum Editor 05 May 13


My Norton flags both links as Red

I can't imagine why - there's nothing wrong with them. There are three links, by the way.

  bumpkin 05 May 13

I am not surprised that are few responses to your thread as soon as "Scientology" enters the equation most people are off. Quite rightly too.

  bumpkin 05 May 13

I bought a book on "The Church of Scientology" about 40 yrs ago as a matter of interest. What a load of crap, they got my address from some where and still keep sending me their garbage even though I have moved twice.

  fourm member 06 May 13


I wasn't really expecting much of a discussion.

This marathon looks to be in its early stages of planning so I thought a few people might become aware of it and, just maybe, stop a local school from taking part.


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