Comic Britania...

  Quickbeam 21:16 10 Sep 07

Anyone watching this on BBC4 now... it's great!

  sunny staines 13:41 11 Sep 07

missed it signed up to bbc iplayer couple of hours ago to download it but still waiting for the email with download link from beeb

  wee eddie 14:25 11 Sep 07

but as I found neither the Beano nor the Dandy funny. I passed-up on the rest of the program.

The British Comic Culture was far wider and more eclectic that the makers of that program were prepared to admit, with the Beano and Dandy being the Comic equivalents of the Sun and the Daily Mirror. With matching morals to go with them.

There were a great many other Comics, some of which actually stimulated the mind, while carrying on their primary purpose of entertaining.

  johndrew 14:41 11 Sep 07

comics stimulated children to read and use their imaginations. They also were (perhaps still are in some places) the precursor to reading books which sadly seem to be sliding in popularity.

Both my brother and I read the Beano and Dandy (a whole 2d. each - real money!!) and progressed to the Eagle before being weaned into the Public Library to read more advanced writings with less pictures!!!

  Quickbeam 17:11 24 Sep 07

prog' tonight
click here if your interested...

  Bingalau 17:22 24 Sep 07

I agree with johndrew as I was also a devotee of the Dandy and the Beano when I was learning to read. My parents tried to stop me reading those dreadful American comics, which a pen pal was sending to me during the war. Wish I had kept a few of them until now as I believe they are worth a few bob.

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