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  GJC60 21 Jul 11

I wonder if anyone can help me? A friend of mine who lives near me and works on the dust bins for the council. He came in today to ask me to look at what they had found in a bin. There are 6 large boxes of comic books by Marvel, DC Comics ect. They are all in very good condition. He wants me to find out what they are worth. I have looked on E bay and found 2 sites 1 American, 1 UK with what they are worth. Can anyone point me to a site that will give me the prices of them in £ not $? There must be at least 1000 all together, so I have my work cut out. Thanking you in advance.

  gigagiggles 22 Jul 11

You may be better off if you catalogue the collection, use a recent price guide in book form to cull the possible gems, sell the remaining collection in one package or several packlets, as well as the gems individually.

Is each book in its own container? A "no" renders the collection's worth only to the completists.

  Covergirl 22 Jul 11

I hope this link works. It's a simple search on the words "DC Comics" on

Overall, not worth a huge amount, generally going for £2.10 on a BIN otherwise lots stood there on 75p or 99p with no bids.

As advised, have a look through and see if you have any special editions or first issues (i.e No 1 as opposed to first edition) or whether you have a batch of sequentially numbered issues.

Here is one with 60 comics for sale at £14.99 plus postage.

Basically, don't get too excited :) After all, they were found in a bin.

  GJC60 22 Jul 11

Thank you for your replies. No not in containers. We have started sorting them out, and they all look in good nick. One good thing is they seem to have been stored in the house as they are all dry and do not smell musty. Will check out your links thank you.

  Quickbeam 22 Jul 11

I wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of getting rich quick from their sale. You'll find that you could bring in more cash for your efforts on ebay by selling your own accumulated unwanted items from over the years.

We all have them, but in the case of the comics, someone decided it just wasn't worth the bother.

  Aitchbee 22 Jul 11

When I was ten I loved fantasizing about Superman and his enemies. A superman comic sold for 'a million bucks' about a year ago. You might be on to a fortune. All the best. Photos of the comics would help us forum participants give you a better judgement. HB

  GJC60 22 Jul 11

He knows they are not worth a fortune. There might be some gems in there, we are still sorting them into sets, then I have to scan them onto comp. Even if they get a few quid for them they will be happy, better than going to be burned at council dump at least someone else can still enjoy them.

  WhiteTruckMan 22 Jul 11

I think with this sort of thing that its first editions that (may)bring the big bucks. Especially if still retaining any sort of original promotional novelty item.

(I wonder what a first edition PCA is worth? And if any first cover discs still survive in a readable condition?)


  Covergirl 22 Jul 11

@WTM LoL Cover "floppy"? 5.25"? 360k?


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