Comet Clearance Sale (I doubt it!)

  morddwyd 10 Nov 11

Comet sold for £2, plus a £500m sweetener.

It's been rightly said, it's tough out there.

  gengiscant 10 Nov 11

I think I could have stretched to a fiver for it.

  wiz-king 10 Nov 11

I hope they washed out the mixers first!

  interzone55 10 Nov 11

fourm member

The buyer only had a £2 coin in their pocket

  Woolwell 10 Nov 11

"Why £2" - To avoid confusion with Poundland?

  Aitchbee 10 Nov 11

Aldi and Lidl are the 'new kids on the block', and can provide locally, small electrical appliances at reasonable prices, along with everything you could think of.Their store staff are all well-mannered, and seem to be able to do many different tasks, and when the queues get a bit long at the check-out,they summon more staff to the tills,to keep the customers happy.

  Pineman100 10 Nov 11

I'm slightly surprised that it's Comet who have been fire-sold, rather than a rival. My personal experience of Comet has been that their staff have a modicum of product knowledge, whereas I've found that A. N. Other store staff have none.

I went into an A.N.O. branch the other day to have a look at a Kindle e-reader - my planned Christmas gift for Mrs Pineman100. I had a number of questions about the device (which must surely rank as one of the hottest sellers just now). But the salesman's stock response to almost all my "Will it do...?" questions was, "I should think so".

When I explained that I needed unequivocal facts rather than vague opinions before I was prepared to part with £149, he told me (courteously, it must be said), "Well, we stock hundreds of different products - I can't know everything about all of them".

Needless to say, my plastic stayed in my pocket.

  Condom 10 Nov 11

Maybe Darth Vader had forgotten to visit that store!!! I guess his arthritis is getting worse.

  Chegs ®™ 11 Nov 11

The reason for the £2 sale is given in the article,it is because the insurance company Triptych was also part of the deal.

  Legolas 11 Nov 11

morddwyd I think you have given them £450m too much of a sweetener :))

  Autoschediastic 11 Nov 11

Having worked in the CIC (Customer information Centre)in Hull on George st, i can tell you they are a nightmare to work for! you as a member of staff are over monitored and your sales targets are Phenomenal,

For example when i worked there several years ago i had a £48k sales target for the month of December i hit just over £62k BUT to get the £200 bonus i then had to sell so many Warranty's then so many Accessories THEN i my calls where monitored by my supervisor as well as the floor manager as well as the dedicated monitoring team that Comet have!

I missed the xmas bonus as i didnt sell enough Warranty's but yet they had earned £62k from me plus the accessories..IMHO that wasnt fair!


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