Come Dine With Me

  Condom 26 Mar 12

Come Dine With Me

If you fancy a lovely meal in the country then "Come dine with me" £5000 will secure you a 4 course meal together with a very nice bottle or two of "House Wine" but unfortunately not "the" House Wine.

£250,000 is of course the premier league and may allow you to talk with me and discuss and perhaps influence my forthcoming plans. Playing at Chequers is not obligatory as many prefer Chess.

  Earthsea 26 Mar 12

It would make more sense if everyone chipped in for a MacDonald's happy meal.

  Aitchbee 26 Mar 12

The Conservative Party are in a league of their own regarding party political donations from very rich 'individuals' as seen in this recent BBC chart for 2011 :-

The dinner ladies must workin' non-stop at Downing Street and Checkers.

  badgery 26 Mar 12

It must be like shooting fish in a barrel for the Opposition parties!

  onionskin 26 Mar 12

Teh funny side.

link1 link2

  Mr Mistoffelees 27 Mar 12

Nothing New here. I am sure this has been going on ever since our parliamentary system was first introduced. No amount of labour indignation will stop them doing the same when they get in next, they just don't have so many very rich donors.

  badgery 27 Mar 12

It certainly cannot be any easier being a politician any more - with ever more sophisticated 'stings' by a media which has become extremely technical in it's subterfuge, mini cameras etc.

Couple this with the way a 'story' can be spread instantly by computer and it makes life very difficult for someone wanting to deceive.

But, as always, it makes you wonder that for every person caught in the act, how many others are doing the same and not getting nabbed?

  bremner 27 Mar 12

The Tory party is funded by Business who don't cough up and not expect something in return.

The Labour party is funded by the Unions who don't cough up and not expect something in return.

The Liberal Democrats are funded by coffee mornings and carrot cake and nobody actually expects this to make a difference :0)

Please tell me what is original in this story.

  Toneman 27 Mar 12

Can't see what all the fuss is about, much more preferable than the political parties being funded by the taxpayer, you and me...

  badgery 27 Mar 12


The downside is that it means we will continue to be ruled by the wealthy, and generally that means the poorest in society get a progressively worse deal - as has been shown by all our recent governments, where the 'divide' between the haves and have-nots has grown and grown.

  morddwyd 27 Mar 12

"they just don't have so many very rich donors."

No, but they have millions more donors overall, with virtually every trade union member in the country paying the political levy, as very few take the trouble to opt out.


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