Come dine with me !

  Dragon_Heart 00:28 06 Sep 10

They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame but on Channel 4 'Come dine with me' you get about 30 ......... and most of them waste it.

Who picks these people ?

OK they will choose people will not get on to get a bit of ‘action’ but some of the contestants are just so full of themselves.

Imagine being an absolute b$%£”!d on the show then a few months later going for a job interview with someone who has seen the show.

Never mind 3D TV lets have’ smell and taste’ vision.

  zzzz999 05:35 06 Sep 10

all of these kinds of shows start of quite enjoyable, then the production staff start to make it rather formulaic and it becomes predictable and boring. Its like wifeswap, where the first series had a real mix and for anyone with an interest in human interaction was interesting. But of course its the clashes that are the 'water cooler' moments and so the show becomes contrived to produce more and more of them. Eventually the show will die.

  Marko797 14:24 06 Sep 10

I consider all these types of programmes to be total drivel

  interzone55 15:11 06 Sep 10

Don't be sorry, feel free to bask in your superiority over the rest of mankind whilst we watch our mindless drivel...

  Marko797 15:20 06 Sep 10

there was no intention on my part to suggest any 'superiority' within which to bask, but thanks anyway.

Indeed, these types of programmes are (IMHO, & as you also suggest), mindless and really should be confined to one particular channel which could be the TV equivalent of 'woman's hour' on Radio 4. Or would that be Channel 4 these days?

  spuds 15:59 06 Sep 10

Like most of these type of programs nowadays, it all starts with good intentions, then fails as time progresses.

Except for the odd program on UK television, I am glad that I have satellite and freeview systems :O)

What's next on the agenda: I am a celebrity, get me out of here?.

  Dragon_Heart 01:15 07 Sep 10

"I consider all these types of programmes to be total drivel"

.... but some of the food looks good

"Then, the contestants got too formulaic, so that you could immediately identify the 'essential' components (the gay one, the arrogant one, the unstable one)"

Be easy to do a TV chef one then, old Gorden could cover two of the above by himself :-)

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