Cold Calling at the Door

  BT 12 Sep 12

I have a sign on my door that says I don't want Cold Callers, That I don't BUY or SELL anything at the door or want quotes for home improvements among various other things that I add to from time to time.


Door bell rings, Chap at the door says 'I'm not selling anything but can I give you a quote for windows, doors etc.'

Now the way I see it if someone wants to give a quote they are trying to SELL me something, which brings me back to 'I don't BUY or SELL anything at the door.'....

  Bing.alau 12 Sep 12

BT. I had a caller the other day in more or less the same situation as you. I politely told him to not darken my door again, or he would never even cross his own threshold again. He was quite shocked and went away with his tail between his legs.

Have you tried a "Beware of the Rottweiler because he's got rabies" sign? You never know but that might work.

  Al94 12 Sep 12

I politely told him to not darken my door again, or he would never even cross his own threshold againstrong text

I would suggest that could hardly be described as polite. Just some poor sod trying to earn a living.

  wiz-king 12 Sep 12

BT .... 'You will have to ask my landlord.' works quite well.

  morddwyd 12 Sep 12

"You will have to ask my probation officer" works even better!

  Chegs ®™ 12 Sep 12

I have had several phone calls recently that start "I'm not trying to sell you anything..." at which point I either interupt by saying "I cannot understand a word your saying" or simply hang up without a word.These cold-callers might do a lot more business if their accents weren't so strong that they're almost beyond comprehension.

  Forum Editor 12 Sep 12

".....simply hang up without a word."

Which is my preferred method of dealing with those calls.

As for doorstep callers - we just say "no thank you" and shut the door.

I can never understand people who seem to think that aggression is a clever or funny way to respond to cold-callers.

  Aitchbee 12 Sep 12

I live in a block of flats, with a security locked door at the main entrance.About a year ago, I took it upon myself to stick a little NO COLD CALLERS sticker at the main entrance. (please was not on the sticker).

It has worked.

  Belatucadrus 12 Sep 12

Why is it that all the cold callers from the Indian call centers have English names ? They're all Derek or Alan, never a Krishnan or a Muhammad, have they all been forced into a name change by the call center or are they starting the conversation with a monumental porkie, something that isn't going to endear them to me.

  Joseph Kerr 12 Sep 12

I live in a similar building, Aitchbee. They ask to be let in once I have made known I'm not interested and I politely say no; It isn't up to me to make the decision that it is ok for them to come in and knock directly on my neighbours' doors, despite how much I may wish to inconvenience soem of them now and then.

  Brumas 12 Sep 12

I usually have no problem as I have a laminated photo of Bingalau outside the front door which usually scares them off, however I have taken it down now as I am fed up of people calling and telling me Halloween isn't until the end of October! ;o}


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