Cold Blasts next week

  woodchip 30 Sep 12

Forecast is Snow Ice Floods during next week and may put down a fair bit of snow mid Oct. Cold Month ahead

  woodchip 30 Sep 12
  lotvic 30 Sep 12

Brrrr don't like the sound of that :(

  Aitchbee 30 Sep 12

I took the precaution of repostioning all of my willows and spider/dragon plants (dracaenea) to warmer and less windy spots indoors. Bring it on.

  woodchip 01 Oct 12

fourm member Yes I noticed that

  Forum Editor 01 Oct 12

I suspect that the real situation might be somewhere between the arctic conditions reported in the Daily Express and the somewhat more moderate weather forecast by the Met Office.

The prospect of another six weeks on my crutches has me hoping there will not be icy conditions - going anywhere is a bit of a struggle at the moment, without that being added to the mix.

  lotvic 01 Oct 12

"going anywhere is a bit of a struggle" seems you are getting a taster of how daily life is in your 'dotage' years (grin) I can sympathise though as was on crutches with foot in plaster Dec 2005 and snowbound.

I'm hoping for a late heatwave instead of snow and ice - I'm trying to be an optimist.

  Forum Editor 01 Oct 12


I had never realised quite how limiting a whacking great plaster cast and a pair of crutches could be. I find walking pretty tiring, and because the consultant surgeon told me to avoid putting any weight on the repaired foot "under any circumstances" I'm in a perpetually nervous state.

I'm told - by a client who specialises in sports injuries - that the first ten post-operative days are the worst, and that it all gets easier after that. I'm currently on day nine, so we'll see.

My wife says I'm just a big baby, and that I should 'Man up'. I don't know where she picks these phrases up.

  sunnypete 01 Oct 12

FE didn't know you had a sports injury...tell us more...

  TopCat® 01 Oct 12

Just think of the usual chores you are unable to accomplish at this time. That surely should convince your dear lady to be a little more sympathetic, don't you think?

Sorry to read here of your misfortune, Peter, but until now I wasn't aware you are somewhat incapacitated. Can you say here what caused it, perchance? TC.

  Bing.alau 01 Oct 12

I think he went to kick the cat and missed. I think the sport is called caterwauling.


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