iqs 12:41 31 Dec 07

Saw the trailer for Clover Field when I watched I Am Legend.Looks good,your thoughts please.

  Quickbeam 13:12 31 Dec 07

All the trailers shown with that film look worth going to see.

Jumpers looks good to me, the trailer seems to show it as fast paced a film as the Fugitive trailer was a few years back.

  al7478 13:51 31 Dec 07

Next year in film is all about the dark knight for me. i probably will see cloverfield th, but the jury is still out as yet.

  iqs 15:57 31 Dec 07

There are some great films due out in 2008.Jumpers I agree looks good,the trailer for The Dark Knight looks amazing,especially Joker.
Clover Field looks like an interesting film from the short trailer.Time will tell.

  jellyhead 16:15 31 Dec 07

National Treasure Book of Secrets with Nicolas Cage and Sweeny Todd with johnny Depp both look good. check out films
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