is cloned meat and mil safe?????

  timsmith259 16:46 08 Dec 10

click here

According to the food standards agency they believe it is, I would never allow it but the tory government wants it

  peter99co 16:47 08 Dec 10

Of course it's safe. Even Labour and Liberals eat it!

  Forum Editor 16:50 08 Dec 10

why shouldn't it be?

  rickf 17:13 08 Dec 10

I wouldn't eat it. Too early to tell. Would if I were willing to be guinea pig.

  Forum Editor 17:18 08 Dec 10

"I wouldn't eat it£"

Why not - what could conceivably be wrong with meat from a cloned animal? Presumably you would eat the meat from the animal that was the 'other half' of the clone, because it's a 'normal' animal.

The clone is an exact copy, so the meat would be the same. Anyway, what about the meat from a cow that was the offspring of a clone? That wouldn't be labelled any differently, so you won't know.

  rickf 21:22 08 Dec 10

and I would like to know so I can be informed and have a choice.

  wee eddie 22:26 08 Dec 10

to stick frozen sperm (which carries the Nuclei)into a Coo, to get the Calves he wants.

But not one that that puts nuclei into an egg and then implants that egg into the Coo, to get the Calves he wants.

Not a lot of difference to my way of thinking.

  wee eddie 22:33 08 Dec 10

Artificial Insemination has been in use on the Farm since the 50's.

In fact, my best friend's (at School) father was jailed for smuggling frozen Charolais Sperm into this Country in about 1961. The arguments, at the time, were much the same as you're using now.

  BRYNIT 23:08 08 Dec 10

"I wouldn't eat it"

You may already have eaten it.

I'm sure in august there was a story of a farmers who illegally put clone beef into the food chain.

  robin_x 23:43 08 Dec 10

Testing is essential and would need to be long term.

I am willing to accept regular food parcels containing fillet steaks and nice Sunday joints.
One delivery every few weeks would be fine.
Testing of cloned sheep and pig products would also be possible in other weeks.

I would not charge for my testing services and would willing donate my body on death for proper examination.

  Forum Editor 01:00 09 Dec 10

"Testing is essential and would need to be long term"

Testing for what?

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