Cloned Beef

  morddwyd 06:54 05 Aug 10

The latest controversy over British beef.

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Regardless of how safe we are told it is, will farmers never learn how their unnatural practices in a quest for more money are damaging their market?

The industry is still clawing its way back from the BSE scare, and this is all many consumers, and the EU, will need as a further excuse to avoid our beef.

  zzzz999 06:59 05 Aug 10

Farmers? I suspect this was scientists at one of the agricultural research colleges that messed up. The last foot and mouth outbreak was suspected to have come from the same source.

  morddwyd 07:09 05 Aug 10

How can it be scientists?

A farmer bought two bulls, progeny of a clone, from the US, and then sold them on into the food chain.

Which college do you suspect of malpractice?

  jack 07:33 05 Aug 10

As I came away from the gym yesterday ,passing through the lounge area the Daily Express and Mail lay side by side on one of the tables
Headline one read - 'Cloned Beef in Food Chain'
Headline two Read - 'Food prices set to Soar'

Hmm flying cows - Pigs next?

What is cloned against 'cross bred'
Genetic modified against cross pollination or hybrid?
All apples/pears and plums are hybrid as are roses- a basic stock with a new strain grafted on
Nothing in the human food chain today is 'Natural'
All has been man modified for better disease /pest and drought resistant strains.
Yesterday I passed a field of wheat being harvested- I noted that whereas in past years what has been 4ft high or so -this crop was ripe and ready but much lower 3ft at most, bred for bigger ears and less stalk[straw]
Food mods go on all the time.

  zzzz999 07:47 05 Aug 10

The list is endless starting with the FDA in the US and ending with which ever body gave the farmer the advice in the first instance that such an animal could enter our food chain.

  Quickbeam 07:58 05 Aug 10

I always keep some corned beef in the fridge... could that be cloned canned corned beef?

  Kevscar1 08:24 05 Aug 10

Wait until we all have our own cloning machines all the farmers and supermarkets will be out of business. Buy 1 of everything then just keep cloning it.

  morddwyd 08:39 05 Aug 10

If you don't know the differences between selective breeding, genetic modification and cloning then there's nothing for you to worry abot.

  morddwyd 08:48 05 Aug 10

Posted too soon.

I was not saying there is anything wrong with it, just how it will affect confidence in the beef industry.

  Grey Goo 10:08 05 Aug 10

Is that how James Dyson produces his vacuum cleaners

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:23 05 Aug 10

I fail to see any problem.


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