The clocks go back tonight folks!

  lucky1 22:14 30 Oct 10

Just a 'timely' reminder that 'Summer' ends at 2 a.m. At least we get a longer lie!

  n47. 22:41 30 Oct 10

It's stopped working.

For the benefit of FM :-(

  OTT_B 23:03 30 Oct 10

I kinda wish the change was on Monday morning. I'm not so fussed about waking up an hour early on a work day!

  OTT_B 23:10 30 Oct 10

Not intentionally :)

  lotvic 00:11 31 Oct 10

I think it's time I went to bed for an extra hour - I can't make sense of OTT_B's post @23:03

  Uboat 01:25 31 Oct 10

anyone know why 2am...?? lol

  Quickbeam 05:46 31 Oct 10

click here for a SAD clock.

  Quickbeam 07:32 31 Oct 10

Unfortunately a dogs time piece take about a week to alter!

  BT 08:38 31 Oct 10

was sitting outside the bedroom door at 6.30 (new time) mewing for his breakfast which was an hour late for him.

  ella33 09:27 31 Oct 10

I was surprised that my new mobile phone changed the time automatically and the old mobile, didn't change even when there was a call, which I thought might reset it. Doesn't matter and of course I can't remember back 6 months to what happened last time but I do find resetting a pain.

Was in a taxi yesterday and the driver said that there was a programme on a new experiment re: changing the time. The theory is to put the clocks forward two hours, now, thn it is light all day, until the really dark patch in December. Apparantly this was tested in the 1970s, so if it was successful, I wonder why it hasn't happened again.
Until I was reading this thread, I hadn't thought much about this again and haven't discussed it with anyone. I wonder if anyone here remembers this happening before, or saw the programme?

  Quickbeam 09:28 31 Oct 10

Wouldn't it be nice to just stay on BST all the year round and let it darken and lighten slowly at a natural pace...

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