Clocks go back tomorrow

  WhiteTruckMan 15:00 24 Oct 09

Yes, that time of the year has snuck up on us once again where we all spend the following week discovering devices that we've forgotten to adjust the time on.

But don't forget to have a lie in tomorrow, if you aren't working.


  Chris the Ancient 15:45 24 Oct 09

Also think of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers (I get that - but not as badly as some). That lack of daylight in the evening can escalate the symptoms.

Time to dust off my SAD lamp :-((

fourm member... I wonder if that is the same day as I have a 'problem' with! Having had some *very* bad experiences in the past, I'm glad I'm single. I can just have an extra weekend of doing what *I* want.

  anskyber 15:48 24 Oct 09

A timely reminder.

  tullie 16:42 24 Oct 09

Dont remind me,an extra hour at work tonight.

  Diemmess 17:50 24 Oct 09

Every year at this time the argument is aired "Should we change the hour forward/backward"? Parliament usually has a debate but the routine never changes

I don't like messing with tradition as such, but personally I would forget GMT altogether.

Farmers, builders and canny Scots all seem to object, but Farmers go by livestock time and builders could surely benefit by being able to work later in winter

As for Scots, well they can lump it or move south as my grandparents did when they deserted Aberdean.

  spuds 18:45 24 Oct 09

Our GP suffers with SAD, or so he tells me. With that and issuing the flu jabs he ain't going to be to pleased :O(

  morddwyd 19:21 24 Oct 09

Does any body really think that the UK will do away with BST as long as we are told it would be a good idea to fall in line with the mainland?

Once you start that it'll be driving on the right and pricing in Euros!

  morddwyd 19:23 24 Oct 09

Snuck, snuck?

What the hell sort of language is that?

What's wrong with the good old English "sneaked"!

  WhiteTruckMan 22:14 24 Oct 09

Aw, Snucks folks!


  Brumas 22:52 24 Oct 09

I was tempted to respond with 'Silly snucker' but I won't ;o)

  Stuartli 00:18 25 Oct 09

Seems to be a week earlier than usual this year - the end of October, IIRC, was normally the time to roll back the clocks.

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