Valvegrid 20:07 06 Aug 04

I think I've discovered a new illness, it's called Clickitis. I discovered this illness in our workplace. It seems to be brought on insatiable thirst for opening every email that appears on one's computer screen, regardless of who its from.

When this particular person was challenged "why are you opening every email and clicking on every attachment" The reply was "well, the organisation has got anti-virus hasn't it?" I had helped this person remove scum-ware off of their home computer before!

Needless to say idiot and twit came into the conversation somewhere, amongst other expletives that I can't print.

Do YOU recognise this illness? Clickitis (klik-ie-tiss).

Cure = No known cure

Remedy = Maroon on a desert island with no electrickery listening to Des O'connor records on a wind-up gramophone (sorry Des, nothing personal).

  Diemmess 20:50 06 Aug 04

If bored, but feeling the need to do something, this menace will not just empty the re-cycling bin, but scour the registry, load all sorts of dubious "Tools programs" until either marked deterioration, or total collapse of the o/s.

Previous o/s backups will either be inadequate, or themselves so flawed as to make matters worse.
I know this, because I got the Tee shirt ---- long ago.

  Mikè 22:04 07 Aug 04

My wife tells me that plain yogurt is a cure for this, or have I misunderstood?

  Valvegrid 08:45 08 Aug 04

Yogurt, good for Bactria, no good on virus ;-)

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