Clever way to search for images

  interzone55 05 Oct 12
  Mr Mistoffelees 05 Oct 12

25% purple, 25%light blue and 50% yellow produced, among others, this image

  wiz-king 06 Oct 12

Wont help much with the Brumas photos.

  Brumas 06 Oct 12

wiz-king, phew!!

  Aitchbee 06 Oct 12

Yesterday I bought a Key Finder (twin pack)...attach it to your keys (or whatever) and just whistle ... it then gives three sharp shrill beeps and flashes a red light.It's just like having a little pet in the house ;o]

  Woolwell 06 Oct 12

I ended up with This image

  Brumas 06 Oct 12

Woolwell, I like ;o}

  woodchip 06 Oct 12

just whistle,! that's no good if you have false teeth

  Nontek 06 Oct 12

I dunno about whistling at ones devices, mine whistles at me - S3, whenever I get a text!

  interzone55 06 Oct 12

I tend to keep my keys in my pocket, so I don't lose them, my girlfriend however just dumps hers down then spends ages looking for them.

What this has to do with image searching is a mystery...

  Bing.alau 06 Oct 12

I'm completely lost with this thread.


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