Clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself.

  peter99co 14:19 08 Dec 10

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Snow and ice 'should be cleared with the public's help'

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The public should clear icy side roads and pavements not treated by councils, the transport secretary has suggested.

If the White Van Terrorists would stop stealing the grit from the bins I would.
I bought my own but have had to lock it behind my gate to stop the locals from nicking it..

  QuizMan 15:18 08 Dec 10

Your first link suggests that the notion of personal liability if people fall on pavements you have cleared yourself is something of an urban myth if done properly.

  Jameslayer 15:23 08 Dec 10

Quizman its the if properly part. That is the problem people are still worried that they will be blamed and have it said it wasnt cleared properly in the first place.

  spuds 16:05 08 Dec 10

I wonder if this 'clearing public snow' would be of interest to bored inmates at some of our institutions?.

  interzone55 16:21 08 Dec 10

As in most cases of Health & Safty scares, it was largely made up by the press

  timsmith259 16:26 08 Dec 10

so do we stand outside with hair dryer

  peter99co 17:37 08 Dec 10

As long as the lead is long enough!

  rawprawn 19:41 08 Dec 10

Most of the shops in our village have cleared a space outside their doors on the pavement. Of course this may be to stop customers bringing in huge ammounts of snow on their feet, which would seem sensible to me.

  Dragon_Heart 02:48 09 Dec 10

Take your own waste to the tip / recycle centre or clean your own 'waste' water ? Cut the grass on the motorways whilst your at a spandstill ? NO people make money out of us for that !

How many of the general public would have a heart attack doing this 'good deed' ?

Do you clear next door's if they can't or will not ?

  Dragon_Heart 02:56 09 Dec 10

" Clearing snow from pavements outside your home could make you liable to legal action if somebody slips on ice, the government has said.
But if householders leave the snow, the council is liable, Lord Davies of Oldham, for ministers, told Tory Lord Burnham at question time.

Claims against householders were "few and far between," he added. "

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  Noldi 06:11 09 Dec 10

Don’t mind this at all clearing a bit of snow. But yet another thing that is down to the householders. Any chance of a reduction in council tax????????

No I dint think so, maybe this summer I will cut the grass, it would save it being spread all of the place and trodden into my house.


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