Cleaner for Laminated Floor

  Ex plorer 12:55 16 Apr 08

I see there are many products to chose from so can any one recommend a laminate cleaner from experience.

  jack 14:16 16 Apr 08

Mild detergent[wash up liquid] and thoroughly wrung out[almost dry] cloth or mop.
The thing is this stuff is printed MDF- so soaking it is a NO NO.

  Input Overload 14:56 16 Apr 08

Ajax or Vim ;-)

  Bingalau 16:01 16 Apr 08

WD40 ???

  Forum Editor 19:07 16 Apr 08

because you'll damage the laminate surface. Use a cloth or mop that is damp, not wet, with Flash floor cleaner, well diluted. Scuff marks from shoes can be removed with one of the spray window cleaners.

I have wood laminate flooring in my office, and it's always cleaned that way - no ill effects to date.

  aine 19:09 16 Apr 08

steamer as advertised on tv, we have one cleans floors laminate, stone and carpets brilliant Aine

  Ex plorer 10:26 18 Apr 08

Thanks all for your advice.

  Quickbeam 14:17 18 Apr 08

click here Apologies to the FE if it's in contravention of one of the prime rules, sexism... you don't believe I would mean it:)

  wiz-king 14:42 18 Apr 08

The wife - but you cant use mine!

  Forum Editor 16:34 18 Apr 08

You can't link directly to Gutenberg images.

  Quickbeam 16:37 18 Apr 08

it seemed to work for a while.

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