classical music What does it do for YOU?

  barca1 10:07 25 Feb 08

Been 35 yrs old i rarely listen to classical music but this morning the wife pop's it on,the sun is shining outside & this most amazing piece of music came on the radio,i just SO appreciated this kinda music its so "Calm" and make's me think in a less muddled way,i am going to start listening to this kinda music much more,does/has anyone else come accross this?

  wee eddie 10:42 25 Feb 08

Not really.

barca1 ~ It is always good to extend your musical taste.

I don't expect anyone to enjoy every piece of music that has been composed in the last 500 years, but Thomas Tallis can certainly give Pink Floyd a run for it's money, and some of Verdi's numbers will knock Kylie to a cocked hat.

  €dstowe 11:03 25 Feb 08

My life would be a lot emptier without music - right back as far as Palestrina and even before.

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:19 25 Feb 08

Ralph Vaughan Williams and Delius are the way forward.


  Miros 11:43 25 Feb 08

Try listening to classic FM when your driving, all stupid actions by others rarely bother me when I listen to it.
So long as they don't touch I must add!

  peter99co 13:01 25 Feb 08

I am listening to Classic FM as I type and have a DAB with headphones for real listening pleasure. If I want to be cheered up I love a GOOD BRASS BAND the likes of BLACK DYKE. To be soothed there are not much better sounds by BARBER

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:03 25 Feb 08

SO appreciated this kinda music its so "Calm"

You listening to only a small amount then, it can get very passionate and rousing.

TV background music and adverts rely heavily on clasical music.

  Bingalau 14:07 25 Feb 08

I like all sorts of music (except for that Rap stuff). But for excellence in performing anything from Jazz to classical music, there is only one organisation that does it properly... "The Band of Her Majesty's Jollies"

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  bremner 15:46 25 Feb 08

You have obviously never listened to Wagners Ride of the Valkyries when driving.

Someone cuts you up - you reach for the minigun :o)

  Brumas 16:19 25 Feb 08

I often find that by listening to that stirring passage in Fantasia, the sorcerer’s apprentice, whilst I am choosing which postcard to feature on a Friday certainly focuses my mind, as my antics certainly mirror Mickey Mouse. Substituting the relentless march of the mops and buckets with the stack of postcards falling down on me from the shelf ;o)

  dukeboxhero 16:22 25 Feb 08

Like yourself barca1 after driving all day theres some music that just relaxs you ,for me its ludovico Einaudi
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