Classic vehicle insurance...

  Quickbeam 13:26 30 Aug 07

Can anyone recommend a UK based insurer for an 30yr old bike.

It's just too much trouble explaining to an Asian call center operative the specific needs for classic vehicles. It's something that's not on there Q&A list... So I gave up 3 times with mainstream insurers
for this reason!

  wiz-king 13:30 30 Aug 07

I have used these people before for a old horse box and I have my camper van with them at the moment, worth a call. click here

  Quickbeam 13:33 30 Aug 07

Ringin' 'em now thanks.

  TopCat® 13:39 30 Aug 07

could try a few of these insurers. TC. click here

  techie4me 15:02 30 Aug 07

Google search brought up click here
Hope it helps.

  johndrew 15:40 30 Aug 07

I use a broker. Saves all the heart ache for a few pounds more a year than I found online.

  Si_L 16:11 30 Aug 07

Hastings Direct

  Quickbeam 22:19 31 Aug 07

Plenty to go at here thanks. I'm just evaluating several quotes.

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