Clan recruitment.

  wolfie3000 21:44 06 Nov 06

For over two weeks now iv been looking for new recruits for our clan with no luck,

As two clan members defected.

Un fortunatly we our only recruiting from other clans at the moment.

Its just so hard to find recruits nowadays,
It seems that clans have loyal members,

Are there any clan members looking for new and exciting challenges in our clan?

All you need is halo, team speak, gunz online and be available between 6pm to 1am weekends and some week nights.

Warthog driving skills prefered but not essential,

If this is against forum rules please delete but as the main recruiter im desperate.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:12 06 Nov 06

'Warthog driving skills prefered but not essential'...this is the best recruitment line that I have ever heard. :-))))


  wolfie3000 22:15 06 Nov 06

Hey, a good Warthog driver is hard to find at the moment lol :)

  sean-278262 22:24 06 Nov 06


Wanted good Soviet player for large lan fest at mine with 5 others at Command and Conquer.

Dont you have places to do this at wolfie?

  sean-278262 22:24 06 Nov 06

Oh and Im joking about that lan fest. I mean dont you have sites you can go to to ask these things?

  wolfie3000 22:27 06 Nov 06

Yes but theres no one at the moment wanting to defect to our clan,
We have searched all the clan recruitment websites with no luck.

As i said we are desperate :(

  Bob The Nob© 22:32 06 Nov 06

If you can give me an Xbox,halo, team speak and gunz online I'll do it. I'm al'rite at driving a warthog (I was when I played at a mates!).
If you can get me these I will join the clan!

Have you got a website yet??? All clans need a website and a GOOD name!

My clan for Warcraft3 is Clan PwN on the [email protected]

Bob The Nob©

  helmetshine 16:57 07 Nov 06

I play for a MOH:AA clan (old game i know,but still a good one) we found the best way to recruit is from your own game server.
Can be hard to get it busy at first but ,luckily, we had a couple of members with registered versions of ASE so they could do invites.
If you can do that and try to make sure people enjoy their time on your server you'll get requests to join your clan in no time.

  wolfie3000 17:58 07 Nov 06

Well we have had one applicant and he seems to be genuinely interested so hopefully we should fill the two places by the weekend.

Bob The Nob©

We play on pc,s not consoles im affraid.

  Bob The Nob© 18:26 07 Nov 06

well thats better, get me Halo and team speck etc and I'll play!

or tell me where to get it

  wolfie3000 18:46 07 Nov 06

Bob The nob

I received your mail and have posted the requirments and details to you.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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