Claim To Fame

  Bingalau 11:29 31 Jul 06

Just read about our Forum Editor's only "Claim to Fame" in another thread. It reminded me of my only claim to fame, which is that when I was an extra in a film back in the early fifties,(Don't ask). I was having a meal at Pinewood Studios, that I actually sat next to and conversed with Max Bygraves. Of course my grandchildren say "Who?" I bet there's a lot of claims to fame out there and would like to hear about them. Any offers? ..Bingalau..

  Sethhaniel 11:37 31 Jul 06

in late 70's dressed in Napoleonic uniform looking after one of the stands - when Telly Savalas brought his gandson up to show me off to him!!!

  Dizzy Bob 15:15 31 Jul 06

Susie Dent (From countdown's Dictionary Corner) used to be my babysitter (ie She babysat me)



  packettracer 15:46 31 Jul 06

A few roles in BBC & ITV productions luvvy as an extra.

  packettracer 15:48 31 Jul 06

Can you give me a link so i can see what our glorious FE has done.

  Sethhaniel 16:02 31 Jul 06

FORUM EDITORS :-I once had a date with
one of "those gorgeous Pan's People" girls. On a couple of occasions I went to see her dance on TOTP. And that's my only claim to fame.

click here

  wolfie3000 16:09 31 Jul 06

FE,s claim to fame,

Thats pretty cool.

Lucky old FE.

  wolfie3000 16:11 31 Jul 06

Just want to say i didnt read FE,s original post before my last comment.

  skeletal 17:23 31 Jul 06

One claim to fame and one related to a CTF, but not very pleasant.

The good one was working with Judith Hann for her to present a slot on natural gas vehicles live on Tomorrow’s World. Her “speech” was written, hours earlier by me, and a colleague. She was really nice to work with and was amazing in that she took the script, agreed a few changes, then went on to speak it perfectly, live in front of the cameras. One of the most enjoyable days in my career.

The not so good one was to befriend someone that was later to commit mass murder. The surprise was how nice he was (to me obviously). I still can’t believe what happened and it came as an awful shock to realise “nice” people can do such things. I won’t say who it was just in case there are any relatives with painful memories on these forums.


  Bingalau 17:35 31 Jul 06

I'd tick this as resolved but I think there may be a lot more claims out there somewhere? Incidently, I've got a picture of my wife kissing Joe Mercer (ex England Football Manager). I think that might qualify as a claim for a divorce..

  packettracer 17:55 31 Jul 06

Also did appear on Swap Shop as a child.

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