Christmas Shopping

  season8 10:07 18 Nov 06

Well normally it is left to the last moment, but this year i decided to do it early, 5 weeks early! And in record time as well!

I normally have to work over Christmas & sometimes go abroad at short notice so it's easier to get it out the way. I normally also send flowers or a nice hamper as well to my family and in the past have even bought myself one whilst sitting in a crap hotel overseas at Christmas!.

  lisa02 10:14 18 Nov 06

We started a couple of weeks ago and stuck to a budget. We are on track to have finished buying in another couple of weeks. This will ease of the last minute pressure and give us a bit more disposable income in the run up to Xmas day.

Wait til you hear the stick I get for buying most of my gifts from work. Why not, I get discount on top of the advertised promotions!

  €dstowe 10:34 18 Nov 06

Hope you're not expecting your hampers to be from Farepak.

In another thread I wrote that in our family we have our Christmas "celebrations" of present exchanging after the official date when we've all been able to get to the January sales and/or buy remaindered Christmas stock at greatly reduced prices.

OK, that might be considered Scrooge-like but we've done it the same way for as long as I can remember and you do get more for your money.

  season8 12:41 18 Nov 06

No, the hamper's are from Waitrose or if a friend is still working @ Harrods then it will be one of theirs.

Must admit on a 18 hour shift over Christmas when it's quiet a hamper is so much better than canteen food & vending machine coffee!

  ulrich 18:08 18 Nov 06

I have a bottle of Port and a T/Co Finest Christmas Pudding, which will probably be 1/2 price next week.

  Brumas 18:37 18 Nov 06

I hate shopping at the best of times, as far as Christmas shopping is concerned I'd rather go to the dentist!
No, I am not a Scrooge - I love Christmas and all that it brings, but shopping, yeuck!!
I know I know, having a good Christmas means lots and lots of nice things and they need to be bought,but spare me the shopping experience.

  ed-0 19:23 18 Nov 06

We have accomplished about 75% of our Christmas shopping. So well on target.

What has surprised me this year is that we have got a good half of it from the internet. The one thing we have never used and shall be doing just for Christmas is to use a supermarket delivery service.

My wife has had the order in with sainsburys for quite awhile now. Just got crossed fingers it turns up on time.

  bluto1 19:52 18 Nov 06

We`ve just got the Turkey to buy. My wife buys presents all year long, but next week I`ve got to help make a few dozen Christmas Puddings for the family. She`s supplied them for umpteen years. Happy days!!

  season8 21:55 18 Nov 06

My Mother makes the Christmas puddings in October each year and if i'm near by i have to have a stir of the mix! But they are very good if not great for the diet.

  The Brigadier 21:59 18 Nov 06

I leave it right down to the last hour before the shop's close and often get great bargins.

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