christmas is comin in 62 Days

  hijo 11:50 23 Oct 06

oooooo its soon to be here..:-) anyone got any exciting plans this year...??? any lottery winners amongst us...? wouldnt that be nice eh to have a xmas without worry of over spending or without worring where your going to finance this xmas...?..i love xmas its the atmosphere i remember as a young 18 yr old where i worked when the factories where all closing for xmas & there is always people in the pubs who dont often go out..the kids excitement my memories as a child..i just love it & so does mr blair(tax)
well enjoy & get ready theres 62 days from today left...!!!!!

  HondaMan 12:08 23 Oct 06

I had just about managed to forget that little event. I HATE Christmas!

Too much food, too much booze.

I'll get a good book and settle down for 3 days while it passes by!

Unfortunately my wife thinks otherwise, she loves Christmas so I suppose I'll have to tow the line again.

  donki 13:45 23 Oct 06

To fake and material!!! Engoy the booze and food side of it but its just getting out of hand! Mr blair should pass a law that no christmas products are allowed to be put on display untill the last week in November :). And old Christmas films like the ordiginal Father Christmas and the other great be showen. Oh and all the indiana jones films and Starwars......

We need the magic back in Christmas, any other ideas?

  Cymro. 14:26 23 Oct 06

I enjoy Christmas day well enough it is the build up to it that I can`t be doing with. It seems to start earlier and earlier every year. With the money my wife spends on it we could get a Mediterranean holiday out of it. There seems to be so much time, effort and money spent on it that the end result does not live up to expectations. I think the women make more of Christmas than the men do. If it was not for women there would not be any Christmas, not as it is now anyway.

  Pamy 16:48 23 Oct 06

My birthday comes first Nov 5th

  Pamy 16:49 23 Oct 06

Sorry Nov 24, hubby on 5th

  lisa02 19:53 23 Oct 06

I don't enjoy Christmas.

  Al94 20:13 23 Oct 06

Only 63 days till it's over!!! Yeah!

  Forum Editor 20:48 23 Oct 06

on any threads related to Christmas until after 1st November,

By order.



  Jak_1 20:53 23 Oct 06


  egapup 21:00 23 Oct 06

I hate christmas.:-(

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